IB Diploma Program Goes International At PCHS With Lucas Apud-Rubio

Written By: Michelle Ramos-Aragon Argentinian exchange student, Lucas Apud-Rubio, shows the internationality of the IB Diploma as he came here to Port Chester High School to fulfill his goals. As a senior IB Diploma candidate, his CAS project, which would allow him to garner more experience in teaching English internationally, […]

Port Chester Student Purchases RV For $5,000

Written By: Thomas d’Esperies PCHS Class of 2024 President Matthew Palma purchased a 1990 Fleetwood Class C Motorhome, an RV from the same class that famously appeared in the Pilot Episode of Breaking Bad.  When thinking about a teenager’s purchase history, there is no fathomable reason why one would expect […]

The Central Park 5: The 20th Anniversary of Their Exoneration

Written By: Katherine Balbin On April 19, 1989, a white woman was taking a late afternoon jog in Central Park when she was brutally assaulted, leaving her barely breathing with little chance of surviving. Later, around midnight, her body was found and she was sent to the hospital. While recovering, […]

PC Wrestles Its Way To Victory

Written By: Karen Guamarrigra It was the 17th of December, 2022. With Christmas peeking around the corner, the Tony Carlucci Wrestling Tournament was all set to shine in the new gym of the school. Pleasantville, under the leadership of Bernarducci, has become a force to be reckoned with, as he […]

What Is Lunar New Year All About?

Written By: Amy Zheng Is it too late to say “Happy New Year”? In the U.S and other countries that follow the Gregorian calendar, this may be the case. However, in countries like China where they follow a lunar calendar, it is definitely not. This year, the Lunar New Year […]

Dina Boluarte Sworn In As President of Peru Amidst Political Corruption

Written By: Katherine Balbin Perú made history by having the first female president to be sworn in. Dina Boluarte, former Vice President, is now the sixth president in five years after the impeachment of the most recent president, Pedro Castillo, on December 7, after an attempted a self-coup.  Pedro Castillo […]

University Students In Idaho Found Murdered

Written By: Yana Patel and Kathleen Scarola Sorrow fills the town of Moscow, Idaho as four University of Idaho students were found stabbed to death in their homes on November 13, 2022. The victims of this brutal murder were Madison Mogen (21), Kaylee Gonclaves (21), Xana Kernodle (20), and Kernodle’s […]