‘Ramily’ Reality: PCHS Student Body and Faculty Transform Into Rams

Written By: Sophia Ortiz-Heaney

Port Chester High School students and faculty turned into rams this Friday as an extension of spirit week. 

After years of the faculty pushing for greater school-spirit among students, students finally took initiative to announce their ram-spirit to the world. On the last day of Spirit Week, students celebrated their wonderful experiences at PCHS by becoming rams. Students could be seen entering room 268 as humans and leaving as rams.

Ram Nation, the school organization which branched their school spirit efforts from merch and movies to specializations in physical ram-transformations, said that their hope was to ground the “Ramily” from a fantasy to a reality. 

“You obviously can’t be called a Ramily if you aren’t a group of rams,” one student pointed out. “So, we decided to help fix that problem.” 

Members of Ram Nation noted that this spirit week was the perfect time to do it. Many students want to support their school by showing school spirit but many forget or don’t have the necessary clothing items to participate. With Ram Nation’s revolutionary method, all students can equally participate, freeing students from the restraints from materialist needs fabricated by the capitalist society. 

We’ve interviewed a couple of students outside of the room to better understand their thought process. One student said “physical bodies are imperfect mediums for souls to reside in, and should be changed to better reflect the soul underneath.” Another student thoughtfully added on, “I just wanted extra credit, bro”. 

The Ramily grew minute after minute as more students, and eventually teachers, joined in on the movement. Although outsiders were initially concerned about future complications due to this change, one of the Ram Nation leaders, Mr. Rambile assured that there are no foreseen ramifications. Another advisor, Mr. Ramvitz added, “Baaaa baa baaaaaa, ba baa baaaa baaaaaa”. Wise words from a wise ram.

Interview with Mr. Ramvitz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PD-x-lPvEw 

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