Asian Culture Club Holds Movie Night In Recognition of Holi

Written By: Amy Zheng

In celebration of Holi on March 8th, a Hindu tradition celebrating the significance of good conquering over evil, the PCHS Asian Culture Club held a movie night showing Chennai Express, an Indian film. Room 229 at Port Chester High School was decorated with Holi decorations. There were drinks, Indian snacks for sale, and free Henna tattoos.

Before the movie started, volunteers outside of the club came by to help pack snacks. Different teachers and students who stopped by were fascinated and eager to try Indian snacks. Many of the students were intrigued by the design of Henna and decided to get themselves tattoos. 

During the movie, everyone enjoyed themselves by either getting another Henna tattoo, sharing a new snack, or just enjoying the movie. I personally felt more close and connected with those who were there because of the food we shared and the funny scenes that made us laugh. The humor in the movie was very original and refreshing to see as it was a different type of humor in itself. 

Overall, it was an inviting, open atmosphere where we expressed ourselves openly and had fun! As the president of the club, seeing people gathering up to help the club hold this event meant a lot to me. It was also very nice to see different people—teachers from different departments and students from different grades—from the school popping in, all excited and ready, to open up to one part of Indian culture. Their open-mindedness and pure joy brought a smile to my face. It was not as big of a turnout as we imagined; nevertheless, we are glad we were able to hold a welcoming space for one of many Asian cultures!

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