Port Chester Student Purchases RV For $5,000

Written By: Thomas d’Esperies

PCHS Class of 2024 President Matthew Palma purchased a 1990 Fleetwood Class C Motorhome, an RV from the same class that famously appeared in the Pilot Episode of Breaking Bad. 

When thinking about a teenager’s purchase history, there is no fathomable reason why one would expect to see an RV there. But with Matthew Palma, there is. 

He purchased a 1990 Fleetwood Tioga Arrow 25’ Class C Motorhome in early December for just under $1,500. However, additional costs, such as a new engine, brought the total to around $5,000.  It was definitely a steal, the cheapest one listed is about $7,000 before tax. 

That just leaves one question on everyone’s mind: “Why did he buy it?” Sure, it’s a great deal but, what is Palma’s fathomable reason? So why, might you ask, did a 16 year old high school student buy an RV? Well, only one person can answer that, Matthew Palma, himself. Palma claimed he placed a bid after finding it on Ebay Motors thinking that someone was going to bid after him. 

The RV was also in Minnesota, so Palma had to pay someone to drive it to Port Chester- an amount Palma did not wish to disclose saying it was “a bit embarrassing how much I paid for the shipment compared to the RV itself.” 

Palma’s RV arrived on New Year’s Eve, much to the surprise of his family who were eating dinner together to celebrate the new year. His parents had no idea of the purchase until it arrived in their driveway. Palma admitted that he did tell his mother but she didn’t believe him. It was certainly a new year to remember for the Palma family. 

Sadly, Palma sold the RV on January 16th at the request of his father. Palma cited that he was having too much trouble finding a place to park it. It would have been amazing if he’d have been able to keep it, but New York state restricts RVs from being parked on streets overnight. An RV isn’t just any normal vehicle; it takes up space and is restricted on some highways and tunnels. Basically, it’s like a truck. 

Palma sold it for $2,200, so for more than what he initially paid for it but with the extra costs, he still lost almost $2,000. He broke into song with a rendition of “Time To Say Goodbye,” by Andrea Bocelli, while talking about the sale. 

Just imagine, sitting in class on a random December day and your friend tells you that he just bought an RV… How do you even respond to that? An anonymous junior simply responded “That’s dumb, why would he do that?” whereas a senior responded by asking for the price.

Well, anyone who knows Matthew knows the amazing stories and jokes he tells. With the RV model being the same exact class from Breaking Bad, just four years younger, one’s got to ask… coincidence or intentional joke? When asked, Palma simply responded that “no one is going to know whether or not I bought the RV for that reason.” Whichever one it may be, that is still one of, if not the weirdest stories to ever come out of PCHS. That just begs the question, what’s next?

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