Autumn Art

Written By: Natalie Pinto

As this fall season comes to a close, we’ve decided to include some autumn-inspired art from our amazing artists here at PCHS! Here are our following entries:

“It’s a character from a game named monster prom. He was someone I always liked, so I decided to draw him for fun and started it about half a year ago. When I saw we were doing these submissions I decided to finish it 🙂 it took me about 5 hours (but months to finish lol)”

Damian Dominguez, 11th Grade

Autumn Chills

“In this Art Piece, I took about 15 hours trying to create my own interpretation of Autumn by creating a few references of my favorite horror movies such as IT, Nightmare on Elm Street, Jeepers Creepers, and conjuring to shape the environment the character is going through in the picture. I also wanted to include seasonal changes such as red, orange, yellow trees, falling leaves and a full blood moon. This art piece expresses the characteristics that define autumn as the season of chilly weather, creepy ambients, and horror movies.” 

 Juana Carcamo, 12th Grade

It’s about a girl running away from home, and following a trail of butterflies deeper into the forest. The glowing light symbolizes her newfound feeling of freedom during this. It took a few days to finish the concept, and converting it into a digital tool took maybe five hours. Thanks! 🙂 

Jaina Gonzalez, 11th Grade

“Whenever I’m thinking about pumpkins, this weird thought always pops up: what if they could talk and feel? Being carved would be the most gory stuff for them. I think carving a pumpkin just got a new meaning when we put our eyes in the pumpkins perspective. Personally, I think pumpkin spice latte would be the embodiment of horror for them. This art surprisingly took me a day to make, but the thought process took me three days to know what to do. Plus, a film about pumpkins being sliced and diced should have Starbucks sponsoring it. Carving and turning pumpkins into a drink sounds like something that would fit into the fall and Halloween spirit. I tried to make something that fits that; a poster that has one of the most iconic things about fall, but also has the Halloween spirit.”

Thank you to all the students that participated! Our art community at PCHS is very talented, and it’s incredible to see the different interpretations of themes and mediums used. We at The Port Light encourage joining the Art Club if any students are interested in exploring art outside of school or classes. Make sure to stay tuned for the next art section theme; it’s a great chance to have all of your wonderful art displayed! Posters will be put up to clarify the deadlines and submission guidelines.

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