Principal’s Corner: Mr. Sotherden on Homecoming

By: The Port Light Staff

With the new school year comes the anticipation of many new and wonderful things that make the school year special. Homecoming is more than just a name; it’s a tradition and an event that encourages community between students and faculty. 

Before the start of homecoming, one of our staff writers, Fernando Loureiro Colon, had the opportunity to sit down with Port Chester High School principal Mr. Luke Sotherden to ask his views on homecoming and share some of his previous experiences as a student with homecoming. 

Mr. Sotherden echoed the sentiments of many when it comes to homecoming, and mirrored the spirit of the blue and white decorations adorning the hallways of the high school. 

“I love the event! It’s an exciting event. The beginning of the year again, and we all get to celebrate being a Ramily,” Sotherden exclaimed. “I look forward to homecoming every year. It’s a time for us all to show off our school spirit.”

Every school’s homecoming is unique to the identity of the school. The Rams’ homecoming is full of boisterous band play, colorful costumes, sporting events, and, of course, a carnival! Students get excited every year for the spirit of homecoming and events like the bouncy slide and the dunk tank. 

“I can remember when I was a teenager being part of the homecoming at the high school I went to in Pleasantville,” Sotherden said, reflecting on his own past homecoming experiences. “I remember being the captain, the pep rallies, and helping to light the bonfire. I always got excited for that time of year. It was my favorite time.”

Mr. Sotherden even detailed some of what made his homecoming time special as a student and how he sees that very same joy in the Port Chester community.

“I was on the cross country team, and I would go to the football games and soccer games to see my friends. I think it’s the same thing for us, for Port Chester. For years as an assistant principal, I would help organize a pep rally to give athletes a chance to present themselves to their classmates, show off their uniforms, and get people excited for all the games. Now, we have a parade that goes through the building! It’s always been fun as an assistant principal, and now as a principal.” 

Like all good principals, Mr. Sotherden also shows immense pride in the accomplishments of his students and of the school. Port Chester has certainly given everyone in the Ramily something to be proud of this year. Many of the sports teams got off to slow starts this year, but both the boys soccer team and the football team have really turned it around since, and their successes feel like wins for the school at large. The football team even secured a massive win in their first Friday Night Lights game in years on September 30th. 

“It’s a good win! We love getting wins. It was exciting that it was on a Friday night. Hopefully, we can keep that going. The soccer team won on Saturday as well,” Sotherden said, beaming with pride. 

There are certainly a lot of events attached to a homecoming, and a lot to be excited for as a Port Chester Ram. And this is excitement that Mr. Sotherden embraces and hopes makes its way through the rest of the school year. 

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