Baking Ideas for Autumn Season

Written By: Ariana Pareja, Jennifer Alzerreca

The beginning of autumn puts everyone in the mood to break out the sweaters, blankets, and comfy slippers. This season comes with many celebrations, like Halloween and Thanksgiving, which motivates many to start cooking and baking. Enjoying a meal or pastries with friends and family can bring everyone together.

With the start of fall having only started a few weeks ago, temperatures are expected to start dropping as the calendar shifts to the heart of the season. While many students’ course loads begin to amp up starting in the second marking period, that isn’t a reason to stop the seasonal fun. It’s important to maintain a healthy work level, as well as balancing your stress. Some of the only times that students have free are the weekends, as classwork takes up most of a student’s day.A baking company, Cake Angels, conducted a survey in which one in three people feel more stressed now than they did before. Out of these people, 80 percent say they have picked up baking as a de-stressing activity. For some seasonal stress relief, we have compiled some beginner-friendly recipes for you and your friends to try out this autumn.

Pumpkin muffins

Candy corn cookies

Apple cake

Zucchini bread (add some chocolate chips to enhance the taste)

Cinnamon Roll Twists

Garlic Knots

You may also want to try these Hispanic desserts picked by the hispanic authors of this piece!

Alfajores (Traditional Peruvian dessert) Sopaipillas (Traditional Bolivian dessert)

We hope these recipes give you some comfort and delicious treats as you settle and snuggle into the fall season. Happy baking!

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