Local Port Chester Boutique Donates Five Free Prom Dresses For Students

Written By: Shirley Guzman

With spring right around the corner, high school seniors are starting to prepare for what will be one of the most memorable nights of their high school career: prom. 

Local boutique shop, La Madam Mystic Gift Shop is going above and beyond to make sure all Port Chester High School seniors get the chance to attend the special event in style. The boutique has decided to donate five prom dresses to students who may not be able to afford them. 

Prom dresses are a special aspect of prom, meaning that students look forward to finding their perfect dress to impress their classmates. According to a survey by Yahoo’s Prom Across America survey, teens spend an average of $600 on prom, with prom dresses making up a large portion of the cost. For many, these costs can make it seem like attending prom is not an option for them, especially with the pressure from social media to portray a lavish prom experience. 

This is where La Madam Mystic Gift Shop steps in. “We give another choice to access to fashion with affordable prices,” says Debora, the shop owner.  

She explains that the shop has donated five dresses to be given to five students who are struggling to afford a pricey dress for prom. The dress will be free of charge, including all the tailoring alterations that will be made to fit the individual. 

“I want the people who really need it to have the opportunity to receive a dress. There is no competition or game. Whoever needs it can just come to the shop and try it on to measure and make alterations,” she adds. 

The boutique’s generosity doesn’t just end there. As a whole, the store has focused on serving the community in a meaningful way. The merchandise and clothing, most of which are brand new or donated, are sold for lower prices so that community members can afford high quality clothing. 

“You can find a dress being sold for $300 and buy it from here for $100,” says Debora. “You can buy good fashion and merchandise from small stores, not just big stores.”

To her, the boutique is her way to give back to the small community of Port Chester and bring them together by also accepting clothing donations to be repurposed and sold. 

“We are small here, we are a little piece of this big boat, we have to stay together and try to do the best for each other. That is how we’re going to grow. 

For students interested in the following donated prom dresses can visit La Madam Mystic Gift Shop on 121 N Main St.

Size 4
size 4


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