Port Chester High School’s Evening of Indoor Pageantry Celebrates Winter Band Programs

Written By: Brian Alvarado

With Port Chester High School’s winter band programs coming to an end, the Evening of Indoor Pageantry ceremony was held at the Port Chester Middle School on April 19th. The event is traditionally held after all of PCHS’ winter band programs finish their season. It serves to appreciate all the hard work and dedication of the students, instructors, directors, parents, and community who helped make the season possible for each program. 

On Wednesday evening, Port Chester High School’s Winter Guard, Winter Percussion, and Jazz Club all performed for the large audience that attended the show to support the programs in that respective sequence. 

Winter Guard’s show titled “Forgotten Treasures” samples the song “Creep” by Radiohead. The program displays most of the performers as dolls who want to be loved again by their owners. The show climaxes with the song, and then ends peacefully with a parade of different colored flags being waved in the air.

Winter Percussion’s show titled “Mindful” focuses on thoughts coming and going. This is conveyed by the constant changes in the ensemble’s volume throughout the show. Eventually, the show comes to an end with the battery’s members bowing towards each other, visually representing the peace established in the show. 

At the event, the Jazz Club played the three songs as follows: “Check Your Swing”, “Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)”, and “Gonna Fly Now.” The band received the most applause from the last song they performed, not only because it was the last song but also because it’s famously recognized as the song sampled in Rocky. 

It was a memorable night for everyone but especially the seniors with it being their last performance of their high school career. 

Overall, all of the three program’s members and the audience enjoyed the evening. The gym floor was filled with family members and friends taking pictures with each other and exchanging smiles after the event was officially over. The night was successful in furthering the community’s bonding and enhancing the pride in Port Chester. 

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