Opinion | PCHS Students Share Their Spooky Opinions

Written By: Amy Zheng

Are you curious about what your fellow classmates will be up to this Halloween? What will their costumes be? What’s their favorite Halloween candy? Or their responses to spooky-themed questions? Well—you’re in the right place! There are some interesting responses that you might relate to.

As it gets closer and closer to Halloween, we see more decorated houses, shelves stocked with pumpkin products, and people ordering their pumpkin spice drinks. These are what we see around us throughout the month of October, but what are people’s plans for Halloween?

Most students reported that their favorite childhood costumes were princesses such as Cinderella. A close second—only off by two votes—were witches. And last but not least were pirates. Those are in the lead, but lamb, Optimus Prime, and El Invisible are some of the more interesting choices. 

Now, what candy did they get most excited about? About 18% said chocolate, 15% Reese’s, 12% Kit Kat, 9% Twix, and 7% sour candies. That means different types of chocolate make up at least 61% of the responses!  Did this statistic make you search your snack closet for some…because I sure did!

Now how about this Halloween? 46% will not be going trick-or-treating while 54% will. What will their costume look like? A quarter of them said they will dress up as something cute, another 24% will dress up as a TV show character, 21% will be spooky looking, and the rest of them will wear a unique costume that didn’t overlap with these categories.

Last but not least, ready to see the results for some spooky-themed questions?

Would you rather live next to…

  • Live next to a graveyard (35.8%)
  • Live next to an abandoned hospital (64.2%)

Are you a person that flies out of the haunted house crying or laughing your head off?

  • Crying (17.9%)
  • Laughing (64.2%)

Neither, I wouldn’t go to a haunted house period (17.9%)

In a scary movie, would you be the one who goes to check out the freaky noise upstairs, or the one who runs?

  • I would check it out (26.9%)
  • I would run for sure! (73.1%)

Although some of these responses were surprising, you can experience these at your own risk by watching The Bride of Frankenstein or Young Frankenstein for some lighter fare or going to a haunted house called Headless Horseman for a good scare. Hopefully, reading about your peers’ responses gave you some ideas and inspiration about what you could do for your Halloween. Have a fun Halloween doing what you find spooky whether that is going out to trick-or-treat, laying in bed watching a horror movie, or exploring a haunted house!

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