Baking Recipes For Thanksgiving

Written By: Ariana Pareja

Commencing with the end of the spooky festivities, it is finally time to move onto the next holiday. The celebration that we have all been waiting for: Thanksgiving. Enjoying this holiday with family and friends is the key component during this festivity. An important aspect of this holiday is the immense amount of food you (hopefully) get to enjoy. There are a variety of traditional foods enjoyed during this festive period, such as turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and stuffing. Here are some recipes that can spice up Thanksgiving menus.

Pecan Pie

The taste of this pie is a little on the sweeter side and is recommended to people who have a sweet tooth. This pastry goes right with a side that is particularly on the lighter side like some fresh fruit.

Key Lime Pie

This pie in particular is great if you like sour and sweet flavors.

Bread Pudding

This dessert would go great with some vanilla ice cream.

Pumpkin Rum Cake

Apple Turnovers

This pastry also goes great with some vanilla ice cream. 

Hopefully these recipes inspire the community to bake with their loved ones and to have fun as well. Happy Baking!

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