AP vs. IB

Written By: Michelle Ramos-Aragon Advanced Placement versus International Baccalaureate – both are programs offered at Port Chester High School. If one passes the exam in either, he or she can obtain college credit where money could be saved for the future.With enough credits, one can even enter college as a […]

More Activities To Do In PC!

Written By: Jamilet Lopez Port Chester today is filled with many great attractions from the most delicious restaurants to the fantastic shopping options. Our town may be small, but it is filled with amazing hidden gems and great diversity. Here are some examples of great activities going on in the […]

Student Spotlight: Ben Reyes

Written By: Natalie Pinto The Port Light has decided to include a Student Spotlight to highlight students that have made successful achievements inside and outside of school. For this issue, we’ve decided to feature a PCHS senior, Benjamin Reyes! Throughout his years at PCHS, Ben has shown his determination and […]

I Think, Therefore IB (Eating)

Written By: Matthew Palma, Brian Alvarado On November 7, after months of hard work and commitment to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), the Diploma Candidates met at Colony Grill for a moment of companionship.  The IBDP requires students to complete specific IB courses (mathematics, sciences, language, English, history, and […]

Has PCHS Strictness Risen This Year?

Written By: Sanai Spooner Many schools around the country have implemented newer and harsher regulations. Newly required uniforms, phone pouches to keep a student’s phone locked, routinely closed bathrooms, and so forth. Even within Port Chester High School, austerity has been executed in its new rules: round-the-clock hall monitors, keeping […]