Biden Passes The Willow Project: An Environmental Threat

Written By: Katherine Balbin The Willow Project was approved by the Biden Administration on March 13, 2023. The extensive oil drilling in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve, a costly 8 billion dollar project, will extract millions of barrels of oil from Alaska.  The project was originally proposed by ConocoPhillips, a petroleum […]

Eating Disorder Awareness Week: Raising Awareness

Written By: Katherine Balbin According to the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA), 28.8 million Americans experience an eating disorder at one point in their lives. This year, 2023, marks the 39th National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Starting in 1984, the week extends from February 27 to March 5. The week […]

Abducted Americans in Mexico Found

Written By: Valeria Novoa, Ariana Pareja What was supposed to be a vacation to Matamoros, Mexico soon became a tragedy for four individuals. These individuals, Eric James Williams, Zindell Brown and cousins Latavia “Tay” McGee and Shaeed Woodard, were American citizens that traveled to Mexico for medical reasons. Their objective […]

George Santos: Compulsive Liar or Stereotypical Politician?

Written By: Thomas d’Esperies New York’s third congressional district representative, George Santos, is caught up in dozens of lies he told during his campaign, leading to politicians on both sides to call for his resignation.  When talking about politicians, the most common stereotypes include dishonesty and greed, to name a […]

Chinese Balloon Spotted Over US Territory And Increases Tensions With China

Written By: Ava Osorio, Yana Patel Early February, a spy balloon from China was spotted floating across the United States, causing major concern on Capitol Hill.  As a result, tensions have increased between the United States and China.  United States officials have repeatedly stated that the Chinese balloon was designed […]

The 56th Annual Super Bowl Ends With A Kansas Chiefs’ Victory

Written By: Kathleen Scarola On the 12th of February, approximately 113.06 million viewers tuned in to watch one of America’s favorite longstanding pastimes and traditions: the Super Bowl. This year’s game set the Kansas City Chiefs against the Philadelphia Eagles, with key players such as Patrick Mahomes (KC, quarterback), Travis […]

Types of Abuse in Teenage Relationships And How To Identify You Are In One

Written By: Isabel Mateus 33% of adolescents in America today ( have experienced abuse in their relationships in some way, shape or form. When we think of relationship abuse, a lot of us automatically think of physical violence. While this is recognized to be a very present issue in romantic […]

Wave of Mass Shootings Rocks California

Written By: Thomas d’Esperies A series of six mass shootings in 11 days rocked the Golden State of California, leaving 24 dead and dozens more wounded.  A total of six mass shootings occurred in an 11 day period in California, leaving 23 dead and another 24 wounded. The shooting comes […]

New AP African American Studies Course Is Rejected By Florida Governor

Written By: Ava Osorio, Yana Patel Florida Governor Ron De Santis (Republican) has rejected an additional AP (Advanced Placement) class on African American Studies to be added to the Florida public education system, a new course that the AP College Board had recently decided to introduce to schools in the […]

The Central Park 5: The 20th Anniversary of Their Exoneration

Written By: Katherine Balbin On April 19, 1989, a white woman was taking a late afternoon jog in Central Park when she was brutally assaulted, leaving her barely breathing with little chance of surviving. Later, around midnight, her body was found and she was sent to the hospital. While recovering, […]