About Us

The Port Light is Port Chester High School’s new student-led newspaper. We aim to give Port Chester students a voice to give their opinion, express themselves, and talk about what they are passionate about.

Every two weeks, on Mondays, the The Port Light news website will be releasing a variety of articles, reports, and feature pieces written and edited by our own PCHS alumni. Once a month, when possible, the newspaper will be releasing a physical version of our newspaper.

How To Get Involved

Whether you are part of our Port Light staff or not, other students can get the chance to participate in the newspaper. By providing photographs not captured by our photography staff, submitting a feature article, or recommending ideas to the staff, everyone is welcome to help The Port Light.

We want to hear from you, the audience!

Contact Info:

Mr. Glazer: aglazer@portchesterschools.org

Mr. Thomas: jthomas@portchesterschools.org

Shirley Guzman: shirleyg82223@portchesterschools.org

Thomas D’Esperies: thomasd58324@portchesterschools.org

Sophia Ortiz-Heaney: sophiao39823@portchesterschools.org