International Support for Women’s Rights Protests in Iran Met with Violence: Iranian Government Installs Cameras to Track Down Hijab-Free Women and Girls

Written By: Yana Patel

All around the globe in places like the United States and Europe, women and men have come together to help fight for women’s rights in Iran. Despite the international support for the protests, the Iranian government has yet to budge and make any cultural or policy changes. 

It has been five months since the murder of Mahsa Amini. Throughout these months, there have been numerous protests from the women and men in Iran. Some women have taken off their hijabs and burned them (the hijabs), while others have cut their hair in order to stand up for Amini. 

Since the previous Port Light article on this issue titled, “Iranian Officials Retaliate Against Women’s Rights Protests With Violence” which was published on November 28, 2022, the Iranian government has initiated violence amongst the crowds who are protesting for women’s rights and for justice for Amini. Many adults and children have been arrested and killed as a result. Iran has also instituted the death penalty to protestors. 

The Iranian government has not taken accountability for the horrible actions they have committed. Most recently, Iran has decided to install cameras to track down women who are not wearing hijabs. After these cameras were installed, dozens of schoolgirls started getting sick. Keep in mind that none of them have been wearing their hijabs for this protest. Many Iranians believe that the reasoning behind all this sickness from the schoolgirls is due to Iran poisoning the girls. 

According to BBC News, a police statement has been sent out by the Islamic Republic News Agency, the system that they are using consists of “smart” cameras and other tools to identify the women and young girls who are not wearing their hijabs. The camera system supposedly sends warning messages and documents to the violators of the hijab law. Women have been legally required to wear a hijab since the Islamic Revolution (1979). This revolution had made strict religious laws. Women who started to violate these laws are being fined and thrown into jail. 

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