The Secret Behind Soccer’s Success

Written By: Elton Huayre

Soccer is one of, if not the most viewed sports on the planet. It can be said to date back to Ancient China over 2,000 years ago, in which they used animal skin for the outside and stuffed it with hair or feathers. Although boxing and wrestling are older than soccer, it still far exceeds the reach of any other sport. But what makes it so enormous and why does it catch people’s attention on a global scale?

With the recent World Cup Final between France and Argentina generating around 1.5 billion viewers, according to Fédération Internationale De Football Association (FIFA), many may wonder why the sport is massively popular. Though there is no definitive answer, many people around the world enjoy the sport because it is so easy to start, requiring only a ball and feet.

With soccer being accessible to everyone it makes it easy to play around the world because it can be played by both genders and any age. Unlike many other sports which require expensive equipment, it’s easy for people in underdeveloped countries to engage in soccer. With soccer being easily accessible, it also makes it easier to bring people together. 

The rules of soccer are also easy to pick up, even for a beginner. Soccer’s main goal is to kick the ball into the net as many times as possible, each time scoring a goal. With that being said, there are other rules which help protect the players and make the game more engaging with free kicks and yellow/red cards. There are also few restrictions on how the ball can be moved around – the only rule being that hands cannot be used unless you are the goalkeeper. With how simple the rules are, people in rural areas can make their own makeshift field instead of renting a field or stadium. 

Soccer is also a competitive sport. With anyone being able to pick up a ball and practice, players around the world pick up the sport and join teams. This brings about many competitions such as the MLS, World Cup, and regional competitions in which people can show off their skills to others.

Soccer is estimated to have around 3.5 billion fans worldwide, so it isn’t hard to find people who enjoy the sport. This makes it easy to find people who want to play it. Every country has its reasons for loving the sport but at the end of the day, it’s undeniable that soccer is appealing worldwide. The sport itself brings people together and captures the creativity and imagination of fans around the world.

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