Peruvian Culture In PC: Places To Eat Authentic Cuisine

Written By: Ashley Gutierrez-Gastelu

Port Chester is known for their delicious foods around town.You can find a bit of many culture’s traditional food located in different restaurant spots nearby, making Port Chester feel like everyone fits in. I may be biased due to my Peruvian background, but Peruvian food is one of the best foods to try out, and there are many Peruvian restaurants here in PC. But all ethnic restaurants in Port Chester have a unique charm to them and that’s clear to see from the eager faces that ring the bells as they walk through the front door, ready for a feast. It might even be their first time getting a dish that is outside their normal traditional food they are used to. Port Chester offers people the opportunity to try all sorts of food that are based on different countries.

A well known Peruvian dish is ceviche, Peru’s national dish. It contains a mix of seafood, including chopped fish, and sweet potato, maize, and sometimes cancha (toasted corn). This dish can be found in any Peruvian restaurant due to how common and beloved it is. Customers even have the option to choose the spice level. There are spicy, medium spicy, and not spicy options, all which add a unique flavor to the dish. 

Another classic and delicious meal brings out the feeling of being in Peru. The flavors of Machu Picchu, beautiful forests, and hardworking social environment, is somehow all captured in the dish called the lomo saltado. The lomo saltado consists of beef slices, fries, fried onions, tomato, and a side of rice. When ordering this dish, I suggest trying the sauce made from the beef. The sauce ties the whole dish together, especially when mixed with the rice. These may sound like basic ingredients, but when all combined it’s unforgettable, making those who eat it want more and more. 

Peruvian food explores all sorts of exotic meals. One such is cuy, also known as fried guinea pig. This meal is controversial to many people, but it has been a traditional meal for Peruvians and isn’t commonly eaten in other countries. Like stated, Port Chester has many places where people can try authentic Peruvian food. 

Some of the best places I recommend are: Gladys on Ellendale Ave, Pollo a La Brasa on Main Street, El Palacio De Mariscos also located in Main Street, Panka Peruvian Bistro on Westchester Ave nearby Inca Gaucho, and Incazteca near the Rye Ridge Plaza.There are many more that are great, so try one out if you happen upon it, and you just might find a new favorite! 

All these local restaurants have above three star reviews, making them the best quality Peruvian restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Just as important is that these restaurants don’t feel corporate. They give off a homey atmosphere when you first enter, with the smell of the good cooking.The decorations in these restaurants give an added charm, such as hanging Peruvian flags, traditional Peruvian music, and photos of llamas and Peruvian landscapes. 

If you’ve never tried Peruvian cuisine, I highly recommend every Port Chester resident or visitor to go to these great restaurants, situated in our very own diverse town. 

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  1. Ashley, thank you for writing this article on Peruvian food. I agree with you that Peruvian food is delicious and one of the best cuisines in the world. We are fortunate to live in a village that offers a nice range of international cuisines for people to sample. I also agree with the fact, as you clearly point out, that all of the restaurants you mention are not corporate and are run by small business owners. Thank you again for the article. On my way, to eat ceviche now.

    Blanca López

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