PCHS Students Share Their 2023 New Year’s Resolutions

Written By: Shirley Guzman

Every New Year’s Eve, in addition to the celebrations welcoming the new year, people welcome the new opportunity to make changes in their lives. Anticipating the incoming 2023 year, The Port Light asked students at Port Chester High School what their New Year’s resolutions were. The responses touched a variety of topics from general improvement to fitness goals.

Of the responses The Port Light received, the majority of students shared that they wished to either keep up their good grades or improve them. Some anonymous students stated that they wish to achieve this goal by “bringing in work on time,” as said by a senior, and “doing more homework.” Kathleen Scarola, a junior, aims to avoid procrastinating and focus on her grades while still finding time to “live in the moment” and “make memories with friends and family.” As students, it’s important to be able to have a good school-life balance and enjoy time outside of school. Junior Ava Osorio similarly hopes to “still be able to find time” for herself in the midst of her busy school and extracurricular schedule.

Many of the responses mentioned wanting to accomplish their fitness goals and improve in sports. An anonymous senior shared a touching resolution for the upcoming year: “My new year’s resolution is to get my left leg to full recovery so I can play soccer again and hopefully pursue a career on it with my hard training.” Many also stated that they wish to go to the gym and increase their strength by building muscle, or as one put it, “get swole.” Whether it be to get healthy or to be happier with themselves, improving fitness is always a classic New Years resolution, and we hope that everyone accomplishes it. A senior with significant goals even wishes to “be the best striker in the world.” Always dream big!

With mental health and socializing being a significant aspect of students’ lives, many students are aiming to improve in that area. From “getting better friends” to focusing on oneself, it is encouraged that students surround themselves with positive people that support them for one of their goals for this new year and for who they are. In terms of mental health, some students would just like to be happy and “become the best version” of themselves, states a junior. Sometimes bettering yourself includes noticing your own negative habits and changing your way of thinking. An anonymous junior, for example, aims to “stop overthinking” to avoid harming the meaningful relationships in their life. Another also wants to “leave the laziness in 2022” and work hard, especially in fitness. 

In terms of hobbies, students are hoping to find new activities to excel in. One senior shared that they want to “learn how to play chess” while another sophomore hopes to “get better at cooking.” Another junior also hopes to “become a better writer.” No matter what hobbies you have, it is never a bad idea to continue improving your skills and grow as a person. A new year means a new opportunity to do just that.

Though many of the responses received from students were focused on improving themselves, there were a few students that approached the question with uniqueness and humor. For example, Franklyn Villa, a sophomore, wishes to get a country named after themselves. One anonymous senior hopes to “rule the world!!” Another anonymous student wants to “branch out and get a girlfriend,” as well. Hopefully one of these responses puts a little smile on your face.

It’s clear to see that Port Chester students are passionate and driven people from their goals for the new year. From focusing on physical or mental improvement, to wanting to learn a new skill or better their grades, PC students are always trying to better themselves. By this effect, they better the school community around them.

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