Student Spotlight: Ben Reyes

Written By: Natalie Pinto The Port Light has decided to include a Student Spotlight to highlight students that have made successful achievements inside and outside of school. For this issue, we’ve decided to feature a PCHS senior, Benjamin Reyes! Throughout his years at PCHS, Ben has shown his determination and […]

Autumn Art

Written By: Natalie Pinto As this fall season comes to a close, we’ve decided to include some autumn-inspired art from our amazing artists here at PCHS! Here are our following entries: “It’s a character from a game named monster prom. He was someone I always liked, so I decided to […]

I Think, Therefore IB (Eating)

Written By: Matthew Palma, Brian Alvarado On November 7, after months of hard work and commitment to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), the Diploma Candidates met at Colony Grill for a moment of companionship.  The IBDP requires students to complete specific IB courses (mathematics, sciences, language, English, history, and […]