More Activities To Do In PC!

Written By: Jamilet Lopez

Port Chester today is filled with many great attractions from the most delicious restaurants to the fantastic shopping options. Our town may be small, but it is filled with amazing hidden gems and great diversity. Here are some examples of great activities going on in the coming weeks:

  • 3rd of December 2022 Saturday Clay – Holiday Ornament Making Sat, 2 – 4 PM Clay Art Center, 40 Beech St Port Chester, NY, ($).
  • Hot Tuna Acoustic & Electric Fri, Dec 2 – Sat, Dec 3 The Capitol Theatre, 149 Westchester Ave Port Chester, NY ($).  
  • “Feast of Fates” Adina Andrus Solo Exhibition Nov 11 – Dec 10 Ice Cream Social, 40 Merritt St 2nd Floor Port Chester, NY ($).  

Some Port Chester High School Students, Faculty, and Staff had recommendations as well.

Vinnies, located on 182 N Main St,is a great place to eat out and to have breakfast, says Carol Conde, a senior in PCHS! She praises their pancakes that were under 10 dollars. After getting breakfast, she also recommends going across the street to the Kneaded Bread, Inc. located at 181 N Main St. She says getting their iced latte with almond milk is a must have. 

Sometimes you don’t need money to enjoy Port Chester, such as a visit to Lyon Park, located at 331 Putnam Avenue, as recommended by one of our faculty members David Fierro! He says it’s a great spot for walking around, accompanied by a wonderful playground with children laughing and having fun, and a huge field. The breeze has the subtle smell of the grass and earth. You are also able to bring your own small table and chairs to have an outdoor picnic. There’s even a memorial for the veterans, who have served in the Vietnam War and lost their lives. 

Another great recommendation comes from Bryan, an 11th grader at PCHS. He recommended Antonio’s Pizza at 32 Grace Church St. He said the pizza was terrific, a sentiment echoed by English teacher Mr. Guarino. He also enjoys one of the many parks Port Chester has to offer, Garibaldi Park. This is a much smaller park, but he enjoys going over the basketball area. Others also enjoy playing tennis at the courts in the park. 

Port Chester High School also has many events put on by clubs. One of the more recent events was Clue, a play put on by our theater group. An upcoming event is the basketball event between police vs teachers – who will you be rooting for? Soon, there will also be a toy drive where you can donate all kinds of toys (just make sure they are sealed) to kids in need. 

There’s always something fun to do in Port Chester. Here are some links you might find useful when trying to find your next fun thing to do! 

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