Written By: Michelle Ramos-Aragon, Natalie Pinto

On Main St in the town of Port Chester is the beloved La Paleteria Fernandez. The residents of Port Chester flock to the ice cream shop, leaving with signature popsicles, scoops of ice cream in waffle cones, shakes and cold drinks, as well as some spicy treats. 

The family run business came to New York in 2004, proudly owned by Florencio and Ignacio Fernández. Inspired by Paleterias (fruit pop shops) in Mexico that their father had been an apprentice to as well as their mother’s recipes, the popular fruit pops became the staple for the shop.

It was not an uncommon sight to see long lines forming to buy a cold treat during the summer. As the years passed and the shop grew in popularity, La Paleteria expanded. The small, crowded store gave way to a new, larger, and more open spaced shop that is able to hold all of its eager customers as of this past year. 

La Paleteria Fernandez upgrades its location this past summer

With everyone’s excitement and happiness over the new location, one could truly see the impact the shop had on the residents.

Why do you think this shop is so popular?

“Porque todo el mundo le gusta el helado” (Because the whole world likes ice cream)

“A lot of Hispanic people live here and they have good stuff”

“It’s like a Hispanic ice cream shop in a community that’s mostly Hispanic”

“The ice cream is good”

“The shop feels like home because I’ve been going there since forever”

“It’s an ice cream shop that I’ve been going to since I was 4” 

How does La Paleteria impact our community, especially to those of Hispanic heritage?

“They offer treats that can be reminiscent of their past in their home countries.”

“It’s a well known place in PC and many people like it there”

“It’s a place where people go to socialize and spend time with family and friends, and get to see the ambience of people ordering and eating”

What is your favorite thing to order at La Paleteria? 

“Duro Loco”

“Agua de fruta”

“Mango y fresa in a cup ice cream”

“Jugo Verde”

La Paleteria feels like another home to a lot of Port Chester residents; it’s such a staple to the community and a part of many peoples’ childhoods. Many Hispanic residents also feel welcomed by the treats that remind them of a childhood, perhaps far from Port

Chester. It’s a nostalgic place with a great atmosphere and amazing ice cream! 

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, make sure to head down Main Street to the Paleteria and get some of the recommended treats (especially the jugos)!

La Paleteria offers from ice cream to authentic fruit drinks and Duro Loco.

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