PCHS Teachers Share Their Favourite Types of Art and Entertainment

Written By: Elton Huayre

Whether you are a freshman or a senior, we all have to get to know our teachers this year in order to have a great and successful year! Though many would like to hear from other teachers, I have chosen Mrs.Marziani, Mr .Pereira, and Mrs.Keener.

Mrs. Marziani is an English teacher in the high school. I asked if she liked any type of art to which she responded, “I love anything that you can do with your hands such as arts and crafts.” In other words, poetry is her go-to when wanting to be creative. As for music, she shares that she enjoys classic music but her favorite artist, she says, is Taylor Swift. 

“Taylor Swift, of course! She is classic!”

Mr. Pereira is a Music teacher in the high school who teaches kids the basics of how to start and play the piano. When asked about what type of music he enjoys,  he says that since he is a musician, he likes all types of music, such as jazz and classical music. Some of the more popular musicians that he spends time listening to are jazz performers Bill Evans and Charlie Parker. Mainly, he seems to be in love with Jacob Collier. Although he is a musician he states, “I also have an appreciation for all types of art, one being graphic art!”

Mrs. Keener, a Forensic Science teacher, gives her thoughts on what she seems to find entertaining. Though she is a teacher, she loves to have fun with alternative music and rock, especially the Foo Fighters and Nirvana! She even got the chance to go to one of the Foo Fighters concerts, “the last and one of the best concerts I saw were Foo Fighters before Taylor Hawkins passed,” she shares. Though she loved the Foo Fighters concert she also hopes to go to a Red Hot Chili Peppers but, sadly, seems to be too busy since she says, “it just isn’t happening right now.”

Though we may think of our teachers as our mentors who can be serious in their chosen career, they also seem to like to go out and relax, whether it be going to places, doing pottery, or just overall listening to music!

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