Four Tips to Survive Freshman Year

Written By: Ariana Pareja Becerra, Jennifer Alzerreca, Kathy Balbin, Kimberly Nicholas

Freshman year is considered to be an important year in the overall high school experience. The switch from middle school to high school can be nerve wrecking for most students. 

 Although high school isn’t ideal for most, that doesn’t mean students need to get through it alone. Plenty of people are willing to help those who are struggling. Here are some tips and tricks to get 9th graders through the challenges of freshman year!

 High school is intimidating which is why it is important to have someone to confide in. Getting familiarized with teachers and counselors will be helpful down the line. Networking is a great opportunity to broaden horizons which can potentially become useful in the near future. Entering the first year of highschool never gets less nerve racking for incoming freshmen. To be honest, high school is only slightly different from middle school.

In high school, not many use their lockers throughout the year. High schoolers are accustomed to carrying their book bags everywhere they go unlike in  middle school. Many students find it easier to carry around their materials rather than leaving them in their lockers because it prevents them from getting to class late. So I recommend that students should  refrain from using the lockers.  

Secondly, in order to succeed in high school students should do their work. Freshman year, like many of the upcoming years, will test student’s limits with the amount of work they are  assigned. Staying on top of assignments is crucial. However, even with a little hiccup, students shouldn’t  be discouraged. Students should focus on what needs to be done today first and pay close attention in class to remain on track. Bouncing back and trying your best is what matters. If the work becomes overwhelming, talking to the teachers always helps. Remember incomplete work is better than no work done at all! 

Although grades are very important to be successful during high school,  getting involved in school activities such as sports, arts and clubs are just as important. Getting involved early will be beneficial throughout the years of high school and beyond. It will allow students to meet new people, expand their college applications and experience new things. Kathy, a Sophomore, says, “As a sophomore at a new school, I am trying to join clubs, for example newspaper club, which will help me in the long run.”
While many people think that the first year of high school doesn’t matter as much as the rest, setting up a good GPA and base for future years of school can be an excellent first step. As long as the student’s attendance isn’t suffering, and they put in some kind of effort into their grades, students will have the opportunity to  relax and enjoy their first high school experience!

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